Power Flush | Central Heating Power Flush in Corby, Kettering and Northamptonshire

Many central heating systems will eventually suffer circulation problems, either from a build up of sludge and scale, or as a result of deposits from internal corrosion – common symptoms include excessive noise from the boiler or pump. Problems of this type often show up after alterations to the system or installation of a new boiler or pipework, and need to be resolved quickly if permanent damage is to be avoided. CJ Plumbing Services will send a qualified heating engineer to carry out a Power Flush of your system, which will remove sludge and other deposits and restore the system to effective operation.

Commercial Boiler Power Flush and Central Heating Power Flush

Power Flushing Central Heating is a process by which water (at low pressure) is pumped through the system at high velocity in order to dislodge and remove deposits, without causing physical damage to the system. By adding powerful non-corrosive cleansing and descaling agents Power Flushing can be made even more effective, and during the process, radiators are individually flushed without removing or disconnecting them from the system. A final charge of scale and corrosion inhibitor added to your system will ensure long term protection for your central heating boiler.

kettering power flushing

If you experience any of the following problems, it could be a sign that your central heating systemrequires flushing:

  • Unusual noise from your boiler or pump

  • Excessive time taken for water to run hot

  • Unexpectedly low pressure water flow from your hot taps

  • Reduction in your hot water temperature

  • Sludge or rust present in your central heating system

  • Leaks occur from your radiators or other parts of your central heating system

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  • Boiler Power Flush

If you are considering replacement or installation of a new gas central heating boiler, we can also offer advice without obligation before you commit to spending money on your project. Commercial and Domestic Boiler Repairs Ltd offer a 1 hour response to domestic and commercial customers throughout Northamptonshire and the surrounding areas, and for non-emergency work, appointments round the clock can be made to suit your availability.